About MyLoan.co.za

MyLoan was formed to serve South African consumers. MyLoan helps you to find and compare the best loans available. Our service helps both you and our lender partners to find each other – so that your temporary cash need goes away.

We want you to be able to fulfil your dreams, or maybe get over common challenges, at the best prices. Most importantly, we want this to happen quickly, in a safe environment and totally free.

Our partners are widely known and trusted South African lenders with the appropriate moneylending licenses. Safety and security are paramount to our selection of lenders.


Security is important for us and is always considered in our decisions. Our clients give us an important mission to find the best available loan offer for them. Finding the best can be a difficult task, especially with online lending services proliferating. The risks associated with loan applications is therefore high. That is why we seek to understand the customer and inform them which lenders suit their needs.


Being online based gives us the opportunity to be very fast. As a client of ours, you have the right to demand quality and ease in our application. Our service lets you, with only one application, be in contact with many different lenders.


MyLoan is a service that is entirely free for borrowers. Banks pay us a commission.

For Lenders

If you represent a lender who could be interested in being part of our lender panel, please contact us at info ( @ ) leadsclinic.com.